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The Top Three Most Nutritious Nuts

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The Top Three Most Nutritious Nuts


Everyone is crazy about nuts. Just check out the grocery store aisle and you’ll find tons of them. From peanuts to pistachios, from walnuts to hazelnuts, the options can seem endless. Anyone will tell you that nuts are a great source for plant protein and heart-healthy fats. However, considering the vast amount to choose from, you might be wondering which are the best. While nuts are mostly equal in their calorie content, some might be a little lower or higher and some have more protein than others. To help you get on the right track, we’ve compiled the top most nutritious nuts you can add to your diet. Toss them in your favorite salad or have them as a good snack between meals. Here’s the three most nutritious nuts you can eat! 

    1. Almonds
    2. Pistachios
    3. Walnuts
    4. Including Nuts in the Diet



 These small brown tree nuts are a great source of fiber and heart-healthy omega-3s. They also contain a good amount of protein for our daily needs. Grabbing a handful of dry roasted or raw almonds is a good way to prevent any extra snacking. They’re also used in a variety different ways, including popular almond milk. Though most people think they’re nuts, they’re actually a seed or a drupe. They’re native to India, North Africa and the Middle East, but are said to have most likely originated from China. Chop some almonds into a nice salad for a good protein boost and Vitamin E. According to a study, almonds boost vitamin E levels and lower bad cholesterol.

Several types of nuts, including almonds, can help reduce the risk of breast cancer. They’re also super good for the heart, which is something shared with all nuts. They’re one of the best natural sources of Vitamin E, which in some studies shows an association with the reduced risk of Alzheimer's and heart disease. Research still needs to be done to verify that, but the tests are promising. Almonds are also loaded with other antioxidants, an important addition to any diet. Antioxidants protect against oxidative stress and can help reduce the chance of inflammation and diseases.

They’re also great for weight loss! A single ounce of almonds provides 161 calories. That’s one way to keep from eating any empty-calorie snack. With those calories, you’ll also get fiber, protein, fat and other vitamins that will boost your health!


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Much like the aforementioned almonds, these tasty seeds are full of healthy fats, protein, fiber and antioxidants. A single serving of pistachios contains less calories than almonds at 156 grams. They’re super rich in vitamin B6, important in blood sugar regulation. Pistachios are also high in potassium.

All nuts contain certain amounts of antioxidants. Pistachios are best for eye health. They contain lutein and zeaxanthin that help protect the eyes against damage. Other antioxidants in this seed helps prevent heart disease and cancer. Overall their nutrient content is dense and provides a health boost.

Pistachios also make great snacks. Eating shell-on promotes mindful eating. The action of removing the shell keeps someone from overeating. Maintaining your calorie intake is one of the most important ways to lose weight. Pistachios can help, since removing the shell is time consuming and lets your stomach realize its full. They make a great healthy addition to your diet. Remember to keep them in the fridge so they won’t go bad.


While they might be the highest in calories on the list, don’t count them out. In one serving of walnuts you get 200 calories, including monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats. They are a good source of copper and manganese which helps with bone health and prevents osteoporosis. They are also high in omega-3s. Because of this, they have been shown to decrease harmful cholesterol levels in the blood stream. Walnuts can help reduce the risk of a cholesystectomy, or gallbladder removal surgery. This is true of eating at least a few ounces of any type of nuts per week. Each of them contain plenty of similar properties which assist in overall health.

Walnuts are best eaten within the shell. Like pistachios, that helps with mindful eating and can help with weight loss. Add them into salads or any other foods you would like. They make a delicious inclusion into your diet with versatile options.

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Including Nuts in Your Diet

Nuts are a great addition to your meals. You don’t just have to eat them alone or in trail mix. While portion control is definitely something you need to be aware of, including a serving of nuts per day can be heart healthy! There’s tons of different ways to use them as toppings or in recipes.

If you have a salad, add an ounce of nuts to give extra plant protein and flavor. They’re great when crumbled on fish or meat. You can add them to smoothies or top them on cereals and yogurts for a crunchy touch. Try making a 100-calorie snack with them: a few nuts and some cheese are a good substitute to a bag of potato chips. Chopped nuts, especially almonds, are also good on pasta and just about everything from chicken to desserts. You can find tons of ways to include nuts.

Skip the trail mixes that include tons of raisins or cranberries. Those add unnecessary sugar and calories into your diet. You should also be aware of salted or flavored nuts, as those add salt and sugar you don’t need. Dry roasted or raw nuts are the best way to go. They have the most nutrients and vitamins in their pure form than any other.


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