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How to Exercise When You're Super Busy

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How to Exercise When You're Super Busy

                Do you ever feel like you don’t have enough time for anything? No matter how much you plan your week, those 168 hours are not enough! There’s your official paying job, the 9 to 5 which takes up all your free time. Then there’s the unofficial, unpaid job of taking care of everything else. Or maybe you spend all your time taking care of the kids, a job you sort of wish you could get paid for. You set up a schedule for the week and it looks like there’s no time for yourself. If you can squeeze in a few measly hours of sleep, it’s a lot. With everything going on, how can you focus on your fitness regimen? At least you’ve been making the right healthy food choices. That said, maybe you want to go the extra mile. Maybe instead of only losing weight, you want to get fit too! We have some tips to sneak in some exercise time in that schedule of yours. Don’t worry, we understand it’s easier said than done. With the right tools at your disposal, it will make things a little less daunting. Read on to find out how you can make your busy life work for you!

1. Make it a Priority
2. Figure Out How Much Time You Have
3. Short Exercise Routines

Make it a Priority

                When you start to prioritize your fitness, you’ll make time to do it. The simple truth is that despite how much we try, exercise just isn’t a priority. Everything else takes precedence. Whether it’s taking care of the kids, the pets, cooking and cleaning. It seems as if there is always something more important. Even leisure time is more important than getting in shape. The average American watches 6 hours of video a day. Internet and social media are also contending for attention. We spend 11 hours consuming all media. Checking in on the lives of our friends and family is more important than our fitness.

                They say it can take anywhere between 21 and 66 days to form a habit. That might seem like a lot when you are actively trying to change your routine. If you consider your current habits, they probably started subconsciously. Take picking up your phone to check social media for instance. According to the experts, the average person checks their phone 80 times a day. Do you remember when you developed the habit? Doubtful. We bet you know how hard it is to kick a bad habit. Developing good ones can be just as difficult, but it’s important that you do. The majority of people wouldn’t dream of leaving the house without taking a shower. It’s an unconscious thing that most of us do. It’s a priority without us even thinking about it. If you want to make fitness a priority, then the best thing you can do is make it a habit. You don’t have to worry about making time for habits because they are already scheduled into your day.

                James Clear, writer of all things habit-related, says that the easiest way to build better habits is to take advantage of the ones we already have. He calls this approach “habit stacking”. By linking habits together, you’re more likely to stick to them. Make a list of everything you do without fail each and every day. You might find that there are certain habits which you can modify to include some exercise. Or, you can stick the time to exercise between those habits. It’s like a schedule but without a defined time. For instance, if you decide to do squats after lunch at work every day, it won’t matter what time you had lunch. Clear says it’s important to be specific about the task you want to add into your routine. Otherwise, you won’t commit and find ways to procrastinate on them or forget. Set firm conditions and don’t budge on them.

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Fit Exercise into Your Routine

                Everyone’s day is different. When you look at your daily schedule, you might find that you only have fifteen minutes here or there. Maybe you find that you have forty-five minutes to an hour. Whatever the case, you’ll likely have some time to yourself even if it’s not a lot. If you’re on the short end of the spectrum, you might be thinking that the fitness routine is going to be impossible. How can you fit a work out into fifteen minutes? According to the experts, exercising isn’t as important in so much as moving is important. A sedentary lifestyle has a whole host of negative health effects. So, if you only have fifteen minutes before or after you eat lunch to exercise, that’s fine! Get up from your chair and do some jumping jacks. Ignore the strange looks from your coworkers. They don’t have to understand and once you’re looking fabulously fit, they’ll be jealous anyway.

                The idea is to find the most ideal time to fit in exercise so that it becomes a daily part of your routine. The list of unconscious habits you made might help you. If your schedule looks too daunting, look at the list. Fit in those habits into your schedule to figure out where you can make time for yourself. Surprise yourself with what you can do with five minutes waiting for your coffee to brew.

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Exercise Timing

                You’ve figured out how much time you have. Now let’s figure out what you can do with that time. We’ll start with those of you who only have a few minutes throughout the day. If you find that you do not have any time at all, stand up for a few minutes. Do this throughout the day so you’re not on your butt the whole time. Even better, take a walk around the office or your room. The point is to get in some movement instead of remaining in one position for hours. Hit those 10,000 steps. Try to add little inconveniences throughout your day. Take the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator. Park your car further from the office. Do a few exercises right at your desk. If you have a little money to spare, there are quite a few products out there specifically for office exercising. But, if it’s the kids that have you tied up, take them out for a walk with you! It might tire them out and give you some much needed time to yourself.

                With fifteen to twenty minutes you can actually get in a short work out. What’s more, is that these short routines can actually have the same benefits as longer gym sessions. If you increase your intensity level for fifteen minutes, you’ll not only stay in your time frame but see results faster. Short exercises can lead to overall improvements in your health and reduce the waistline. Many fitness and health professionals are touting the benefits of fifteen-minute workouts. That’s how High-Intensity Interval Training routines became so popular. It burns tons of calories in a short duration and can reduce blood sugar levels.

                Most health professionals recommend having at least a thirty-minute exercise session. If you have thirty to forty-five minutes of exercise time, you’re in luck! According to the Department of Health and Human Services, 150 to 300 minutes a week is recommended. With 30 minutes or more in your schedule, then you can hit your goal. So, what are you going to do?


Quick Exercises to Fit in Your Day

                For the morning people: A brisk walk or jog can really elevate the mood for the rest of your day. If you have a few minutes before you start your day, step outside or even run in place. A morning exercise can boost your metabolism and your outlook on the day! Researchers in Australia found that a morning exercise routine lowered blood pressure. Get your blood pumping with a set of high knees, squats, and push-ups, among other body weight exercises.

                For the afternoon people and that lunch break routine: You can get fit at your desk! There are plenty of exercises that you can do while sitting right in your chair. Chair dips and legs raises are great. It’s also good idea to get up and do some walking around the office or room, too. If you’re worried about anyone looking at you strangely, get them to do it with you! You never know, maybe you’ll start an office revolution. The good thing about exercising around lunch time is that you’ll have more energy afterward. No need to grab a second cup of coffee or be tempted by sugar. Exercising will boost your energy levels. If you’re feeling hungry, grab a fruit and nut bar to tide you over to dinner.

                The evening crowd is looking good too: Exercising in the evening is especially good for those with sleeping problems! Getting your blood pumping might even be a good way to curb any sleeping issues. Make sure you’re not sleeping too close to your bedtime, though. This is a great time to get in that High-Intensity Interval Training. If you have thirty minutes to spare, even better!  You will reap some great fat loss benefits. Try a set of jumping jacks, lunges and sits up to start with.

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Get Moving and Stay Healthy

                It doesn’t matter what time of day you do it or how, but exercising is a proven way to improve your health. Get your body moving as much as you can as many times a day as you can. Make it part of your daily routine. It won’t feel as difficult once it becomes a habit. In fact, it might be one of the most important things you can do! Combine exercise with healthy eating and you’ll see the difference in no time.

                Keep yourself on the healthy journey with Snack Less. Grab a fruit and nut bar as a post-workout snack. Much better than any sugary granola bar or addictive potato chips. Medjool dates and protein-packed nuts and seeds will help replenish your energy. Once your exercise regimen and eating habits are aligned, you’ll be healthy in no time!