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5 Benefits of Yoga and How You Can Get Started

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5 Benefits of Yoga and How You Can Get Started

Like many things in the fitness world, yoga has risen to great popularity over the past decade. Everyone seems to be joining a class. It’s one of the reasons athleisure became big. In the corners of every department store, there is a section dedicated to yoga supplies. Perhaps you have considered joining the craze yourself. Or you thought it was overhyped. The truth is, there are a lot of benefits to getting into yoga. It’s not just about being limber and flexible. You don’t have to become a hyper-flexible yogi to get into it. It’s more than a way to get fit or lose weight. It’s a lifestyle that can help with almost every facet of your life. The best part is yoga is versatile. There are many different types that you can try before sticking with the one that best suits you. Time to find out what all the fuss is about. Here are five awesome benefits of yoga.

1.Reduce stress

2.Increase mindfulness

3.Boost weight loss

4.Reduces chronic pain

5.Improves emotional and mental health


Reduce Stress


The world is full of stressors. There is always something that is going to spike your blood pressure. It could be work or kids. The never-ending stream of doomsday news shoved in your face from every possible angle. Stressors are everywhere. If you feel stressed out and anxious all the time, you know how bad it can be. It’s also proven to negatively health. When you’re trying to lose weight, that doesn’t help, either.Studies show that stress can make you gain weight. In turn, when you struggle with your body and self-image, that can lead to more stress. The cycle continues. Dealing with stress is damaging, so finding ways to limit it can improve your health.


That’s where yoga comes in. You probably already know this, but yoga focuses on breathing and being in the moment. Stay focused and in control as you practice each pose. You can’t let your mind wander. These moments are freeing from the daily hustle and bustle of everyday life.Studies show that it lowers the levels of the stress hormone cortisol. Several different groups of men and women have seen the benefits. Yoga even helped with sleep disturbances and fatigue.


The reasons behind this are simple. Since the time of its inception,yoga has been the oldest method to self-improvement. Things like controlled breathing and meditation are the practices used to decrease stress. This promotes balance within the body, mind, and spirit.


Increase Mindfulness


The state of being mindful is very important in yoga.Mindfulness is momentary total awareness. It’s engaging in the moment and in oneself. People do not focus on the moment. Everyone tends to get distracted with things that are going on around them. We check our phones all the time while someone talks to us. We take pictures wherever we are. We think about the future, whether a few minutes from now to years ahead. When was the last time you focused on brushing your teeth while you did it? It’s very easy to remove yourself from the moment and think about the rest of the day. Yoga teaches you to focus on the here and now rather than worry about life’s constant struggles. This isn’t a permanent state of mind, but it does remind us to live in the present.


In yoga, mindfulness pairs with purposeful movements. Those purposeful movements anchor you. You’re supposed to focus on your body and how it feels in each stretch.According to psychology, mindfulness helps with both stress and open-mindedness. Focusing our attention on the here and now makes us interested and open to possibilities, whatever they may be. The idea of mindfulness is to achieve a state of peace: peace with yourself, peace with the moment and peace with surroundings. This state of new awareness is also beneficial in other ways, such as losing weight.


Boost Weight Loss


There are several ways that yoga shows weight loss benefits. Movement and stretching tighten core muscles. An improved state of mind creates improved eating habits. As said, mindfulness helps in all areas of a person’s lifestyle. One of those ways is practicing mindful eating. When you’re more aware of your body, you will notice when you’re full. You won’t need to stress eat because your stress levels are lower. Heightened awareness will make you more mindful of the food you are eating. You eat slower because you are in the moment rather than distracting yourself. This helps you eat less and therefore consume fewer calories.


That isn’t the only reason you lose weight. Yoga is exercise and there are different types of yoga to choose from. Bikram, also known as hot yoga, can burn more calories than the slower Hatha style. The Vinyasa style and other forms of Power Yoga get the blood pumping faster meaning you’re working harder. Some practitioners promote yoga fusion, which combines yoga with cardio. This combination of mental awareness and physical activity helps the most with weight loss. Aim for a three times weekly yoga session for the most benefits. Remember, change takes time!



Reduces Chronic Pain


Chronic pain is a serious problem in the U.S. It affects an estimated 50 million Americans. Yoga can help reduce that pain, especially back pain. According to the experts, the reason it helps is by reducing inflammation. This all goes back to yoga’s stress-reducing qualities which helps boost the immune system. That said, not all types of yoga are good for pain relief. Power yoga, for instance, is not meant for relaxation. The best yoga types are those that focus on meditation and relaxation such as Hatha yoga. This kind of yoga focuses on breathing exercises and slow poses.


Improves Emotional and Mental Health


Yoga promotes relaxation through its various exercises and tenets. As said before, the main reason for the mental health improvements is in its stress reduction. However, there are also other ways it helps. Some say that through yoga they have built their sense of self. Using mindfulness and meditation can introduce introspective thinking. With all the distractions in our life, using yoga as a time to reflect can help us focus on ourselves. Finding peace within oneself can help improve your overall lifestyle.


Researchers have found beneficial results when yoga is integrated with mental illness therapy. Yoga can help with depression and anxiety as well as schizophrenia and ADHD. It even helps with sleep disorders and regulates chemicals in the brain. Its effectiveness on the mind-body connection improves quality of life. That’s why so many people practice yoga.


Improving your emotional and mental health can help you maintain your healthy journey. When you’re in a better mood you make better choices. You’re more willing to do that heart-pounding, sweat-inducing cardio. You’re less likely to drown your woes in comfort food. It can even change your perception of pain. Establishing a connection between body and mind can provide benefits you never knew.



In the Meantime, Snack Less


Yoga has plenty of amazing health benefits which can push you toward your goal. Practice your deep breathing and poses. While you do that, we’ll be right behind you. Grab a fruit and nut bar or a pack of chewing gum to tide you throughout the day. Remember to eat as healthy as you can and stick to your diet if you have one. Eating fewer calories is a good place to start while you work on meditating and mindfulness. We can help with that by keeping you satiated in-between meals. Each one of our bars is made of protein-packed nuts and delicious Medjool dates. The gums are sugar-free and bursting with flavor. You’ll have the best partners at your side with us!